Muscle Pain Management: The Physiotherapy Room’s Approach

Pain Management with Physiotherapy

At the Physiotherapy Room, we help patients to take control of their muscle pain management and prevent further discomfort in everyday life. Physiotherapy uses exercise, education, advice and manual therapy to help you ease the pain associated with injury or overuse of the muscles. Physiotherapy is a safe and effective method of treatment for various issues in people of all ages.
The Physiotherapy Room helps you to access the resources you need to get your life back. Keep reading to find out how Physiotherapy can be used along with McKenzie Method therapy products for managing muscle pain. 

What is Physiotherapy & How it Treats Muscle Pain

physiotherapy for knee pain

Surgery, injury or muscle pain from sleeping or driving, can make it difficult to get back to normal. Physiotherapy is a ‘whole-body’ science-based treatment using exercise, movement, manual therapy and education. This form of healing allows the patient to be a part of their own treatment, through awareness and involvement. This treatment helps patients to manage their symptoms and reduce dependency on medical intervention. 

What is the PhysioTherapy Room?

Physiotherapy Room is an on-line retailer that specializes in selling healthcare products and rehabilitation supplies directly to the consumer. The Physiotherapy Room offers products from a professional’s perspective with general advice from qualified and experienced physiotherapists. The Physiotherapy Room was developed to provide patients with access to  the equipment they need to heal and general information on how to use it. Dr. Bill Landry, the CEO of the Physiotherapy Room, has over 18 years of experience as a physiotherapist.

Why Choose The Physio Room Products?

You should always get a professional diagnosis first, but The Physiotherapy Room is more than just a medical supply store. The Physio Room is a Physiotherapist patient engagement platform. In addition, patients can receive general advice along with the equipment and support they need to mange their muscle pain. 

Physiotherapist treating pain

Try our ‘Ask A Physio’ service where patients can review FAQ or ask an experienced physiotherapist a new question. Our team is made up of licensed, working experts in physiotherapy, bringing you over 50 years of experience collectively. We carry a variety of products from various brands and offer free physiotherapy exercise guides. Also, we are proud to be a qualified McKenzie MDT provider, offering quality physiotherapy products and the McKenzie’s self-help books from the ‘Treat Your Own…’ book series.

What is the McKenzie Institute?

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In the 1950s, world-renowned expert physiotherapist Robin McKenzie developed a reliable assessment process for all musculoskeletal problems. Finally, after 40 years of research and development, this exercise-based approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment was named the McKenzie Method. This process encourages the bodies natural healing and repair. In 1982, Robin founded The McKenzie Institute, a non-profit focused on education and research with 28 branches across the world. 

The McKenzie Method has 4 steps including assessment, classification, treatment and prevention. Once you get an  assessment by a certified clinician, you will get a prescription for specific products, exercises and advice. The McKenzie products, including lumbar or cervical rolls, are quality products designed specifically to treat certain areas and issues. 

Mackenzie roll for back pain

Treat Muscle Pain From Home

Physio for shoulder pain

Using exercise therapy combined with rehabilitative products and education on the issue, you can treat muscle pain easily at home. The Physio Room allows customers to search by injury or issue in order to easily find the products they need. 

Some injuries or areas of focus that you can treat with physiotherapy include pain in the back, shoulder, knee, neck and extremities. Physiotherapy also treats issues in relation to sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and numbness in the hands and feet. The McKenzie self-help books provide extensive information for patients on treating your own neck, knees, shoulders, and back and further resources for clinicians by Robin McKenzie on the lumbar spine, extremities, and the cervical and thoracic spine.  

If you have musculoskeletal problems, you may benefit from physiotherapy or exercise treatment. After receiving an assessment by a healthcare professional, visit the Physiotherapy Room for all your physio and rehabilitative needs. Keep reading to get a sense of some examples of the types of issues that can be treated with physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation products.

Morning Muscle Pain & Stiffness in the Neck

You wake up after a long sleep and stretch out your body, except your interrupted by a stiff neck pain. The stiffness and pain makes it difficult to move your head, but you brush it off, thinking it will fade. Unfortunately, the ache in your neck doesn’t subside, even after taking a painkiller. The muscle pain in your neck is starting to interfere with your life, limiting what you can and cannot do. It’s time to get treatment…

Find Your Pain Solution With McKenzie Products!

The McKenzie cervical roll supports the neck and posture in the cervical spine, allowing for back or side sleepers to maintain natural sleep habits. Place this pillow inside the pillowcase and help to prevent muscle pain and stiffness in the neck or upper extremities when sleeping. This product works well in conjunction with the McKenzie ‘Treat Your Own Neck’ self-help book to help walk you through the McKenzie Method exercises. 

If you have back stiffness and muscle pain  after sleeping you may want to consider the McKenzie night roll, which is a wearable roll, which properly supports the spine while sleeping on the side or back.

night roll for back pain

Back Muscle Soreness From Driving

pain from driving

You’re sitting. You’re sitting while you drive, sitting all day at work, sitting on the couch at home… Do you ever notice your posture slouching and your lower back aching? This stiffness and muscle pain can be distracting, making it difficult for you to focus on what you’re doing. The solution is in your seating support…

Back Pain Solutions With McKenzie Products

A lumbar support pillow maintains natural posture and helps to prevent a slouched position when sitting. Use it in the car, office and other seats without lumbar support. This product is beneficial for those who have lower back pain or muscle pain in the lower extremities when sitting.

Physiotherapy Room carries many variations of the Original McKenzie lumbar roll (standard density) depending on your issues and comfort. This support pillow works well with the McKenzie ‘Treat Your Own Back’ book that includes a do-it-yourself guide with exercises to help benefit the back.

treat your own back pain
airback pillow for back pain

We also carry a self-inflating Airback lumbar support pillow made specifically for driving. This pillow is adjustable for any type of seat whether your in the car, on a plane, at a ball game, or anywhere you need added lumbar support. Often used as an adjunct with one of the other McKenzie lumbar rolls, allowing for low back support in any situation, without having to transport the larger rolls.

Knee Muscle Pain From Workplace Injury

You’re thinking about other things, not paying attention as you enter the warehouse. You turn a corner and bang your knee off of a piece of equipment. Instantly you experience muscle pain and soreness in this area and need to take the rest of the day off. You need rehabilitation as soon as possible and the treatment may be long term…

knee pain from work injury

Knee Pain Solutions With McKenzie Products

Knee pain may make sleeping difficult without support. Using a support pillow will help to position the knee comfortably so you can rest. You can also work to treat your knee over time with the McKenzie step-by-step guide to ‘Treat Your Own Knee’ with exercises and information on how to heal.

Shoulder Muscle Pain From a Sports Injury

You aren’t as young and agile as you used to be. Your weekly baseball games are causing more and more strain on your body and you find yourself trying to heat and ice your sore, stiff shoulder for relief. The muscle pain does not go away and by the time your next game comes around, you’re on the bench. You need a more significant treatment…

shoulder pain from sport

Shoulder Pain Solutions With McKenzie Products

You can often prevent shoulder pain and heal with stretching and proper positioning. The McKenzie’s guide to ‘ ‘Treat Your Own Shoulder’ emphasizes the importance of exercise for treating, preventing and reducing shoulder pain.

Still Not Sure What Product is For You?

lumbar support pillow for back pain

If you still aren’t sure which kind of product would be beneficial for the muscle pain problems you experience, check our product page! Find out which pillows and products best fit your needs and experiences. Get started treating your issues from home and preventing future problems using awareness, education and exercise. The McKenzie Institute products have a variety of solutions to help you feel confident in your ability to heal your own muscle pain!

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